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Why your ThailandPass is rejected?

It has been more than 4 months since the ThailandPass program are launched. As a hotel staff, we have encountered many questions and problems from the guest. Here, we would like to share some frequent mistakes, so that you can re check and avoid it.

1. Input incorrect information

This is the main cause of the rejection of ThailandPass. The TP system designed to let more than one organizations to work and cross check the traveler information.

If your information unmatched because of miss typing or input the incorrect information, it will show up to one of these inspectors. This will lead to rejection of your ThailandPass.

So, make sure that you have input your information correctly, especially one of these;

Passport number

Your SHA+ hotel name

Check in and check out date match with the hotel booking confirmation

Your vaccination details such as date and Vaccine type.

Your insurance Policy

2. RT-PCR test prebook and prepaid

This is essential for traveler whose flight landed on Phuket island and in Krabi.

The TP hotel inspectors in Phuket, PhangNga and Krabi work a little bit different from the rest of the country.

The guest must book and make a prepayment for the RT-PCR test by doing it through this website. www.thailandpsas.com


To book the RT-PCR test on the website, please make sure you input these information correctly;

Passport number

Swab Date: it must associate with your hotel booking date.

Swab Center Location: it must located in the same province of your hotel booking.

After it is done, you will get a receipt. You need to upload this receipt on ThailandPass submission.

Many traveler fails to get ThailandPass because they did not book and prepaid the RT-PCR test before submitting the ThailandPass. The system will show RT-PCT rejected on the inspector’s side and your TP will be rejected.


These are the common mistakes that we always see when inspecting the traveler information.

We hope that these suggestions are useful and help you get through the process faster and easier.


*** Tip ***

If you have submitted your information into the ThailandPass system and found out later that you have forgotten to upload some documents. Please make new for the whole process.

The system is not designed to let you edit or correct the previous submission. It is better to do it again from the beginning. The previous submission will be deleted by the system automatically.