Thailand Pass: 3 Insider Tips @ Phuket airport

It has been 14 days since Thailand Pass started on November 1, 2021.

We can’t help but admit that there were some errors and jams happened during the process of getting through Phuket airport.



To help you get through the process fast and smooth,

here are some insider tips suggested by involved staff at the airport.

Tip#1 : Book and make a pre-payment for an airport RT-PCR Covid test in advance.



Tip#2 : Get these documents printed and carry with you.
      • Thailand Pass QR code
      • Your Vaccine passport or certificate
      • 72 hours RT-PCR test result
      • A Hotel booking confirmation and a receipt
      • An airport RT-PCR payment receipt (from Tip#1)
Tip#3: Don’t forget to scan this QR code to get your airport test result.

  • After having RT-PCR test at Phuket airport, the airport staff will ask you to register by scanning the QR code to get your test result.
  • If you forget, it is fine.  The KingPower flyer has the same QR code. Please keep it and you can register at the hotel.
  • The result is only available within 24 hours of your arrival day.
  • This is the fastest way of getting your test result, so don’t forget this process.






These are the tips we would like to suggest to all travelers  entering Thailand through Phuket Airport.

We hope this information is helpful and get you through all the process fast and smooth.

Sea you soon!