Entering Thailand has never been this complicated!


Many of you know that “Phuket Sandbox” is launched as an alternative choice for outbound passengers entering the country without taking 14 days in a state quarantine.


You have to prepare many documents for applying a Certificate Of Entry (COE). A hotel reservation is one of the required documents needed for this.


Phuket Sandbox has set up a specific criteria for the hotel reservation. Travelers cannot just book any hotel like before, instead, the required hotel must be “SHA+ called SHA Plus” hotel only.


Before we get to know SHA+,  

we have to know SHA.


“SHA” stands for “Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration” created by 3 main government sectors. It is a standard procedure set for businesses in Tourism field to follow and prepare their workplace to suit the “New Normal Lifestyle” in term of preventing the spread of COVID19 and sanitary measures.

You can find out more about SHA here. (


Hotels around Thailand are encouraged to join SHA project not only to follow the standard, but it is also a compulsory to accept domestic travelers.

In the same way, domestic travelers are also encouraged to book and stay in a SHA certified hotel.


Now, comes to SHA+.


SHA+ has taken an important role in Phuket Sandbox because one of documents need for COE is a SHA+ hotel reservation.

To get COE approved, outbound passengers must book a room from SHA+ certified hotels. Only these hotels can issue a booking confirmation that is accepted by the embassy.


Here is the example of the SHA+ booking confirmation.

What is SHA+, then?

SHA Plus =  SHA standard + 100% vaccinated hotel staff.

This means hotels must have their staff fully vaccinated to join the project.

The hotel will get a vaccine certificate, take it along with some specific documents.

Once the documents are approved, the hotel is ready to accept the Sandbox customer.


To sum up;

SHA is set as a safety and health standard by the Thai government and participated by all businesses in tourism industry.

While SHA+ is one of Phuket Sandbox features that requires both businesses and outbound passengers to achieve, in order to enter Thailand through this project.

Phuket Vaccine Update:

30 September 2021

  • 85% of the residence got second dose vaccine.
  • > 30% of the residence got a booster dose and we are still on process.

Article by: Beau

Edited by: Mac